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German Scally`s Dog !

German Scally`s Dog !

Dogplay with : 50 % Trampling, Kicks & Slaps, 25 % Socks & Feets, 25 % Humiliation & Spit


37:34 Min.

File Size

549 MB




Master Yaro and his buddy Eric are sitting outside on the balcony to have a cigarette. On the floor, right between them, you can find a bowl filled with water. They simply throw their spent cigarette butts into it. But additionally, they use the bowl as spittoon. Slave David, Yaro‘s doggy is not paid any attention. Bare-chested he crouches on the other side of the balcony and freezes his balls off. Since it is getting too cold, both boys go back to relax in theliving-room. Of course, their doggy has to stay outside. Since Master Yaro is no monster, after a while he tells his buddy Eric: “Let‘s look after our doggy.“ Through the big window pane they watch David shivering on the balcony floor. Yaro opens the balcony door and orders his doggy to drink out of the bowl, in which you can find the cigarette butts mixed with some spit, like a good doggie. The victim is obeying. There are plenty of cigarette butts in it and on the top some thick snot. As soon as Slave David‘s face is directly over the bowl, Master Yaro puts one foot onto the doggy‘s neck und pushes its face into the brackish water. “Drink it!“ the 18 year old Master is ordering. Even his only one year old older buddy joins the fun. He starts trampling the victim brutally. Soon Master Yaro joins him. Their doggy gets spat on, as well. To prevent the doggy from freezing to death, they allow him to enter the living room. But there, he is helplessly at the mercy of his two tormentors and their sadistic fantasies. When you see how brutally Master Yaro and Master Eric kick their victim, it is almost a miracle that David survived this shooting without any serious injuries. You can hear some loud slapping noise, when the Masterboys torture their doggy by cruel kicks. But soon, David can‘t stand it any longer. He is whimpering. Master Eric makes fun of it. “Oh, he is already crying. Such a bad doggy!“ Of course, a dog shouldn‘t be exhausted that fast, so it‘s time for more punishments. The stupid doggy David has to endure a round of face slapping. But he holds his hands in front of his face - great mistake! Now Master Yaro is really furious. “Hands down!“, he is yelling while smacking him mercilessly. Afterwards, David is supposed to make himself useful by licking the Mastersneakers. The doggy is lying on its back - a perfect opportunity to spit directy into its open mouth. They want to make him understand, that Masterspit, ideally from deep down one‘s throat, is a perfect treat for a slave dog. Master Yaro comes up with a new idea. He fetches a thick rope to tie David up. While Master Yaro is fastening the rope, Master Eric starts kicking the victim. One of the kicks hits the faggot directly in his face. Anxiously, David looks at Master Eric. “Are you scared of me“, the Master is asking with pretended solicitude. But Before David can even answer, he gets brutally face-slapped and spat on. Both Masterboys simply enjoy torturing and humiliating their victim. Master Yaro requests David to sit up and beg. Afterwards he is supposed to lick Master Eric‘s dirty Adidas soles. While David is licking eagerly, he gets kicked by Master Yaro at the same time. Soon, he is kicking so furiously, that doggy knocks over and lies helplessly on the floor. Seeing their victim like that, is like an invitation for them. So they start a round of double-trampling, but a really tough one. “Sorry, that’s too much!“, the victim is whimpering. But of course, Master Yaro doesn‘t accept that and calls him a “pussy“ With his face twisted in pain, David now licks up Master Yaro‘s sneakers. Master Eric kicks him at the same time, but that doesn‘t make things much easier. Since David sometimes behaves so stupidly, Master Yaro has to take drastic measures. With full force, he kneels on his doggy, punches him and tortures him with some really mean face-slaps. Now, Master Eric comes up with the idea to teach the doggy to fetch some items. To do so, he uses one of his sneakers. Soon, Master Yaro gets rid off his sneakers, too. Doggy‘s task is to sniff and lick the socks. “So tell us, which one smell better, mine or those of Master Eric?“, Master Yaro wants to know. Since David decides in favour of Master Eric, Master Yaro starts with a brutal corporal punishment. David is lying on the floor and pants like a dog. He is in so much pain, that he can‘t stand it any longer. But Master Yaro and Master Eric still want to go on. Now, doggy is requested to fetch Master Yaro‘s smelly socks. The Master stuffs them right into the slave‘s mouth and is laughing his ass off when David starts choking. Now it‘s time to lick the Masterfeet. The doggy‘s tongue even has to get deeply between the toes to clean them properly. Now and then, David gets beaten and spat on. Mockingly, they even spit on the soles of their sneakers, just to rub the slimy mess into the slave‘s face. At the end, Master Eric wants to test how well his doggy does as a riding horse. * You have never seen Master Yaro so brutal and sadistic, before! The 18-year-old simply loves torturing and humiliating his doggy David. And since it is more fun to torment someone when you are not alone, Master Eric enthusiastically joins this nasty action. Really awesome trampling- and spitting scenes and brutal punishments! Simply unbelievable!!!